In attendance: Jay, Max, Net, Sophie, Lea


Absent: Cam, Tom, Ben, Jenny

  • Funding- ODGE
    1. All proposals fully or partially funded.
    2. Policy: events at WHOI or explicitly for JP students elsewhere are our target; other events are less likely to be funded. We do not typically fund entertainment tickets (movie, game, theater, concert).
  • Steinbach Scholar Updates
    1. Chem: Bess Ward July 13-16; Sophie, have schedule and flyers
    2. MC&G: Zach Sharp May 26-28; was successful
    3. AOPE: Aug 3-7, speaker has flights, Jenny has taken over for Pedro.
  • Summer Picnic
    1. GSC funding successful
    2. Cam is the point person, Net helping
    3. date is August 8
  • Orientation
    1. WHOI July 9 and 10
    2. Max and Sophie will represent the reps on July 10
  • Rep change
    1. AOPE will be represented by Jenny for the summer.
  • Rep Meetings
    1. Ronni will be added to future meetings as possible.